R32 EVI inverter heat pump RS15V/L

R32 EVI inverter heat pump RS15V/L

Model No.︰RS15V/L

Brand Name︰Hiseer

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

R32 making up 50% of the  R410A refrigerant , R32 has a GWP of 675 (one third that of R410A), is highly energy efficient and is easy to recycle. Plus, the volumetric capacity of R32 is around 20% higher than that of R410A, which means system refrigerant volumes are lower. R32 is a single component refrigerant, meaning it is easier to reuse and to recycle. It is also relatively inexpensive to produce, is easier to handle because it doesn’t separate and utilises familiar technology, keeping costs similar.

R32: The Benefits:

  • Low GWP of 675

  • High efficiency refrigerant

  • F–Gas phasedown compliant

  • Less refrigerant volume requirement compared to R410A

  • Affordable & readily available

  • A single component refrigerant

  • Easy to handle, reuse and recycle

  • Used in our newest, state–of–the–art products


With a Hiseer R32 EVI inverter heat pump. you still get the performance and efficiencies needed for the buildings, using refrigerants and equipment that delivers a much lower GWP overall.


Model Number RS15V/L
Heating performance Min.  Nominal  Max.
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W35℃  kW 4.90/1.14/4.30 15.28/3.27/4.67 17.80/4.05/4.40
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A2/W35℃  kW 8.00/2.22/3.60 13.53/3.27/4.14 15.70/4.03/3.90
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-7/W35℃  kW 5.60/2.34/2.39 9.75/3.68/2.65 11.30/4.52/2.50
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-10/W35℃ kW 5.50/2.43/2.26 9.67/3.84/2.51 11.15/4.72/2.36
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-15/W35℃ kW 4.90/2.51/1.95 8.6/3.96/2.17 10.00/4.93/2.03
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W45℃   kW 9.00/2.82/3.19 15.58/4.40/3.54 18.20/5.47/3.33
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A2/W45℃  kW 8.03/2.77/3.00 13.80/4.48/3.07 16.00/5.52/2.90
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-7/W45℃   kW 6.10/2.99/2.04 10.58/4.66/2.27 12.30/5.86/2.10
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-10/W45℃ kW 5.70/3.03/1.88 9.80/4.70/2.09 11.30/5.68/1.99
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-15/W45℃ kW 5.00/2.98/1.68 8.77/4.70/1.87 10.20/5.67/1.80
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W55℃   kW 5.20/2.02/2.57 15.80/5.51/2.86 18.40/6.81/2.70
Cool output/Power consumption/EER at A35/W7℃ kW 4.14/1.51/2.75 11.25/4.43/2.54 13.08/5.45/2.40
Nominal running current at A7/W35 A 5.43
Aux. heater KW   6  
Max operating current (aux. heater running) A 11.2 (19.9)
Max power consumption (aux. heater running) KW   6.6 (12.6)  
Power Supply   380-415V//3phase/50Hz
Compressor   Panasonic EVI twin rotary
Condenser   Brazed plate heat exchanger
Nominal flow heating medium m3/h 2.58
Internal pressure drop at nominal flow kPa 10
Nominal air flow m3/h 5000
Nominal fan output  W 220
Max outlet heating medium temperature 58
Refrigerant R32 filling weight kg 2.9
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 1172 x 1060 x 420 
Pipe connector   G1' external thread
Net Weight kg 140
Operating ambient temp. range Heating -25~35
DHW -25~43
Cooling 10~45
Sound power level LWA dB(A) 69
The above data is tested by EN14511. A7/W35℃ means air temp. 7℃,outlet water temp. 35℃  
The Sound power level is tested by EN12102        



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