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Air Cooled Chiller/Heat Pump With Modular Design AS72S/B

commercial heat pump
Model No.︰AS72S/B
Brand Name︰HISEER
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


Hiseer 's   commercial heat pump  absorb heat from air to produce hot water



The inlet/outlet pipe is designed for modular parallel connection.  Units could be conveniently connected to build a large system.


Hiseer 's   commercial heat pump  can be widely used to hotels, villas, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums, recreations, office blocks, factories and so on. 


Efficient defrosting through circuit reversal

Emerson thermostatic expansion vavle

Designed with well selected qualified components for high efficiency, durable and stable running, brings quiet consistent comfort to thousands of people around the world.

 Reversible with cooling function.

Built-in differential pressure flow switch protect the unit from insufficient water flow rate.

Copeland scroll R410A compressor

With Carel controller, the control system is intelligent ,stable and durable to assure safe running .

SWEP/GEA Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) is one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from refrigerant to water. A BPHE consists of corrugated plates combined to create complex channels through which refrigerant and water can be distributed.

Technical data:

Model   AS72S/B
Heat output/Power consumption at A7/W35℃ kW 73.8/17.1
COP at A7/W35℃   4.32
Heat output/Power consumption at A7/W45℃ kW 69.6/20.3
COP at A7/W45℃   3.43
Heat output/Power consumption at A7/W55℃ kW 67.3/25.6
COP at A7/W55℃   2.63
Heat output/Power consumption at A2/W35℃ kW 55.7/16.8
COP at A2/W35℃   3.31
Heat output/Power consumption at A2/W45℃ kW 53.6/19.6
COP at A2W45℃   2.73
Heat output/Power consumption at A-7/W35℃ kW 47.2/16.56
COP at A-7/W35℃   2.85
Heat output/Power consumption at A-7/W45℃ kW 45.8/21
COP at A-7/W45℃   2.18
Cool output/Power consumption at A35/W7℃ kW 61.6/21.2
EER at A35/W7℃   2.9
Power   380-420V/3PH/50Hz
Starting current A 145
Max. running power input KW 32
Max. running current A 64
Running current at A7/W35 A 33
Compressor   2× Copeland Scroll
Condenser   Brazed plate heat exchanger
Refrigerant R410A filling weight kg 7.5×2
Nominal flow heating medium m3/h 12.6
Internal pressure drop at nominal flow kPa 38
Air flow m3/h 20000
Nominal output fan W 750x2
Max outgoing heating medium temperature 55
Width mm 2010
Depth mm 980
Height mm 1850
Pipe connector   G2-1/2"
Weight kg 560
Operating ambient temp. range Heating -10~35
Cooling 10~45
The data above is tested by EN14511.      
A7/W35℃ means outside air temp. 7℃, outlet water temp. 35℃      
A35/W7℃ means outside air temp. 35℃, outlet water temp. 7℃      
Product Image

commercial heat pump
commercial heat pump

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