inverter goethermal heat pump 10KW GS10V-QPVHE

inverter goethermal heat pump 10KW GS10V-QPVHE

Model No.︰GS10V

Brand Name︰HISEER

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Hiseer DC inverter  heat pump offers a wide heat output  . It could adjust heat output automatically according to your house heating requirement . In winter , the inverter compressor and fan motor will runs on high speed to provide more heating when ambient temperature is very low ; If your house need less heating , it will drop running frequency down to 20Hz in which condition the heat pump will consume less electric power . 

Heat pump is not just a heating system for new buildings , it can also be integrated into existing buildings that already have heating systems easily . Irrespective of whether you have a gas , oil boiler or solar panels , the heat pump switches on the 2nd heat generator according to demand for keeping lowest heating costs. 

Hiseer DC Inverter  Heat Pump Advantages:

1.Save more than 30% energy than fixed frequency heat pump
2.Soft start to protect your electric network
3.Smooth temperature varies curve
4.Wide heating/cooling output range
5.Can be used in combination with heat generators such as gas ,oil or solar that existing in buildings
6.Intelligent defrosting by reverse circulation
7.Weather compensation function: heating / cooling curve
8.Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
9. SG Ready.
10. Flow feedback Grundfos circulation pump ,saving water flow switch.


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