Split EVI inverter R32 heat pump RS11V/LF

Split EVI inverter R32 heat pump RS11V/LF

Model No.︰ RS11V/LF

Brand Name︰Hiseer

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Hiseer DC inverter  heat pump offers a wide heat output  . It could adjust heat output automatically according to your house heating requirement . In winter , the inverter compressor and fan motor will runs on high speed to provide more heating when ambient temperature is very low ; If your house need less heating , it will drop running frequency down to 20Hz in which condition the heat pump will consume less electric power . 

Heat pump is not just a heating system for new buildings , it can also be integrated into existing buildings that already have heating systems easily . Irrespective of whether you have a gas , oil boiler or solar panels , the heat pump switches on the 2nd heat generator according to demand for keeping lowest heating costs. 

Hiseer DC Inverter  Heat Pump Advantages:

1.Save more than 30% energy than fixed frequency heat pump
2.Soft start to protect your electric network
3.Smooth temperature varies curve
4.Wide heating/cooling output range
5.Can be used in combination with heat generators such as gas ,oil or solar that existing in buildings
6.Intelligent defrosting by reverse circulation
7.Weather compensation function: heating / cooling curve
8.Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
9. SG Ready.
10. Flow feedback Grundfos circulation pump ,saving water flow switch.

11. Smart phone App. control WiFi module is optional .Control your heat pump from anywhere at any time.


Model Number RS11V/LF-QPNHV
Heating performance Min. Nominal  Max.
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W35℃  kW 4.09/0.68/6.00 10.76/2.55/4.21 11.15/2.7/4.13
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A2/W35℃  kW 4.10/0.86/4.51 9.35/2.45/3.81 9.69/2.6/3.73
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-7/W35℃  kW 2.87/1.34/2.13 8.15/2.55/3.20 8.45/2.69/3.14
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-10/W35℃ kW 2.64/1.35/1.95 7.82/2.59/3.02 8.11/2.74/2.96
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-15/W35℃ kW 2.16/1.28/1.67 6.20/2.63/2.36 6.43/2.78/2.31
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W45℃   kW 3.75/1.00/3.75 11.77/3.33/3.54 12.20/3.52/3.47
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A2/W45℃  kW 4.19/1.47/2.85 8.73/2.95/2.96 9.05/3.12/2.90
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-7/W45℃   kW 3.24/1.81/1.79 6.99/3.12/2.24 7.25/3.30/2.20
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-10/W45℃ kW 3.04/1.81/1.68 6.38/3.17/2.01 6.61/3.36/1.97
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A-15/W45℃ kW 2.65/1.90/1.39 5.76/3.23/1.78 5.97/3.42/1.74
Heat output/Power consumption/COP at A7/W55℃   kW 3.19/1.21/2.62 11.81/4.00/2.95 11.81/4.00/2.95
Cool output/Power consumption/EER at A35/W7℃ kW 2.62/0.94/2.80 5.10/2.22/2.30 5.10/2.22/2.30
Nominal running current at A7/W35 outdoor /indoor unit A 10.90  / 0.48
Aux. electric heater KW   2.5  
Max. power consumption outdoor/indoor unit KW 4.00 / 2.62
Max. current outdoor/indoor unit A   16.0 / 11.6  
Power Supply   220-240V/1phase/50Hz
Compressor   Panasonic EVI twin rotary
Condenser   Brazed plate heat exchanger
Nominal flow heating medium m3/h 1.85
Internal pressure drop at nominal flow kPa 19
Nominal air flow m3/h 3000
Nominal fan output  W 110
Max outlet heating medium temperature 55
Refrigerant R32 filling weight kg 1.9
Dimensions outdoor unit (HxWxD) mm 852 x 1065 x 446
Dimensions indoor unit (HxWxD) mm   850 x 450 x 300  
Pipe connector (water)   G1' external thread
gas pipe connector     5/8"  
liquid pipe connector     3/8"  
Net Weight kg 80/32
Operating ambient temp. range Heating -25~35
DHW -25~35
Cooling 10~43
Sound power level LWA dB(A) 62
* the  running current/power consumption in the bracket is the bivolent mode with aux. heater running  
The above data is tested by EN14511. A7/W35℃ means air temp. 7℃,outlet water temp. 35℃  
The Sound power level is tested by EN12102        

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