R290 22KW Air To Water Heat Pump HS22V

R290 22KW Air To Water Heat Pump HS22V

Model No.︰HS22V

Brand Name︰Hiseer

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

This Series units use natural refrigerant R290 ( GWP=3) that offers many advantages over refrigerants traditionally used in heat pumps.With improved efficiency, as well as higher flow temperatures (70 degrees), is perfect for new and existing heating systems (including hybrid). 
Energy efficiency class of A+++ reduce the energy consumption of the outdoor unit. Using smart grids (SG ready), you can also take advantage of variable electricity prices and make additional savings. 
Works all the way down to minus 25 degrees, so you are guaranteed good and stable heat, even on the coldest days of the year.
Frequency controlled: The heat pump can run with different services. When the desired temperature is achieved, running it with a lower one; frequency/performance to reduce energy consumption.
With DC Inverter brushless fan motor that can be controlled so that the sound from the device reaches a satisfactory low level.
Intelligent defrosting technology that minimizes energy consumption.


Data sheet:

Model Number HS22V-D
Heat output at A7/W35℃  kW 14.64
Power consumption A7/W35℃   kW 3.26
COP at A7/W35℃   4.49
Heat output range A7/35℃    6.85~22.10
Heat output at A2/W35℃  kW 19.86
Power consumption A2/W35℃  kW 4.94
COP at A2/W35℃   4.02
Heat output at A-7/W35℃  kW 16.88
Power consumption A-7/W35℃  kW 5.12
COP at A-7/W35℃   3.30
Heat output at A7/W55℃  kW 13.84
Power consumption at A7/W55℃  kW 4.45
COP at A7/W55℃   3.11
Heat output range A7/55℃   6.10~19.10
Heat output at A-7/W55℃  kW 14.85
Power consumption at A-7/W55℃  kW 6.37
COP at A-7/W55℃   2.33
Cool output at A35/W7℃ kW 16.3
Power consumption at A35/W7℃ kW 5.8
EER at A35/W7℃   2.81
Cool output range A35/W7℃ KW  5.75~16.30
Cool output at A35/W18℃ kW 19.33
Power consumption at A35/W18℃ kW 6.19
EER at A35/W18℃   3.12
Cool output range A35/18℃ KW 8.70~19.33
Power Supply   380-415V/3N~/50Hz
Compressor   TWIN ROTARY
Starting current A <15
Rated operating current A 16
Rated power consumption KW 9
Condenser   Plate heat exchanger
Heating medium flow range m3/h 1.45~3.80
Internal pressure drop at nominal flow kPa 35
Min. flow (defrosting) m3/h 3.2
Nominal air flow m3/h 8000
Nominal fan output  W 220
Max outlet heating medium temperature 70
Refrigerant R290 filling weight kg 1.38
GWP R290   3
CO2 equivalent   0.0041
Anti electric shock grade   I
Water proof grade   IP X 4
Max.Operation pressure of low side Mpa 3.0
Max.Operation pressure of high side Mpa 3.0
Max allowable pressure Mpa 3.3
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1060×420×1565
Pipe connector   G1"
Net Weight kg 162
ErP Level(35℃)   A+++
ErP Level(55℃)   A++
Energy efficiency ns (35℃)   185%
Rated heat output Prated  (35℃)   15
Energy efficiency ns (55℃)   142%
Rated heat output Prated  (55℃)   17
Operating ambient temp. range Heating: -25~46
DHW: -25~46
Sound power level LWA (ErP) dB(A) 64
Sound power level LWA (night mode) dB(A) 62
The above data is tested by EN14511. A7/W35℃ means air temp. 7℃,outlet water temp. 35℃
The Sound power level is tested by EN12102    

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